A college resource for neurodivergent and disabled students

We are a social and disability justice organization dedicated to advocating for disabled and neurodivergent students in higher education. We promote change across four pillars of accessibility, inclusion, safety, and critical pedagogy.

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Our Pillars

1. Support & Accessibility

We work to remove gatekeeping and institutional barriers to disabled students.

2. Inclusion

We support increased visibility of neurodivergent and disabled cultures on campuses.

3. Safety

We stand against stigmatization, discrimination, surveillance, and policing of neurodivergent students.

4. Critical Pedagogy

We believe that education should be empowering and must be de-corporatized.

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Our Work

We believe that universities can do better in creating safer, more accessible, and more inclusive spaces for us. We identify and rank those schools that provide the safest campuses for students using clear, precisely defined metrics. We also promote critical thinking about academia, neurodivergence, and disability.